Happiness is a Gift

Watching a child open a Christmas gift is great fun.

Maximus is a cousin to Triceritopsy,  Ben was thrilled.
Just like yesterday, Ben immediately checked him out to make sure he was healthy.

This was as cute as could be.

Ben helped Papa open a gift.  The tape was apparently industrial strength this year.
Papa helped Ben put together a little Lego set.  Maybe Ben helped Papa.

Corinne made a special quiche for breakfast.
This was my first time to have Bella Vitano cheese. It was delicious.

Somehow we ended up with crab after shopping yesterday.  This was fortunate, because it was Ben's choice for breakfast.
One of Ben's gifts was a set of Smarty Pants cards.  While I cleaned the kitchen, Papa read a few questions to Ben.  In no time, they were both hooked.

Soon, Ben was on Papa's lap.

They they moved to the couch.  I loved this.

After awhile, Ben and I ended up downstairs playing quietly.  I found us treats from the freezer.  We were having a grand time, just the two of us.

Papa joined us.  We took turns playing Crossfire, an ancient game in our family.

I found more treats.

Ben played a little pinball. 

Papa coached him.

Mom even joined us.
Then it was time for lunch.  I channeled my mother and prepared artichokes, although I cooked them in the Instapot.

In the meantime, Papa and Ben fed the birdies.  This cracks me up -- they wait in the trees and stare.

I haven't seen the Chickadees before.  I miss a lot, though.

Before long, the feast Corinne prepared for us was ready.  This dish had roasted garlic in it and was divine.
After lunch I suggested a game of Go Fish!  I won, but only because I matched the key and the fish.

Papa suggested we play Mexican Train next.  Ben and I were on the same team.

Ben was delighted when our team won twice!

After the sun set, we drove to Spanish Fork to look at the lights.

Corinne prepared hot chocolate for some of us to sip while driving through the light course.
This was a perfect ending to a delightful day.


  1. I was tired before you even got to lunch! (Which I did really want to eat). Dave was so happy you saw the lights and loved how the camera captured them without the background. Merry Christmas!


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