Thursday, December 13, 2018

Introducing Joseph

I combed Ben's hair this morning.  He was not especially pleased about it and was delighted to go off to school, maybe before I was finished.

In case I haven't mentioned this before, Confucius is in love with Papa Ben.  She won't give me or anyone else the time of day, but when Papa shows up, she melts.

Percy, on the other hand, likes everyone, including me.

Casper is King of the Castle.  Casper worries that we might starve if he doesn't provide for us, so he brought Jeff a dead mouse before we left tonight.  We had Torchy's for dinner, so actually there was no need for him to concerned at all.

Hank loves Jeff, but he's not concerned about providing for his master.  He was a little annoyed about all the noise this afternoon.

I tended Joseph this afternoon.  I got plenty of help.

It's pretty cute to listen to Ben sing lullabies to Joseph.

When babies fall asleep, my initial reaction is to put them in the crib.  I later learned that this was the first time Joseph has slept in his crib.  Ben is singing to him.

Once Joseph was asleep, Ben sang to Hank.

Joseph is a very happy baby.  I loved spending time with him this afternoon.

Ben gave Joseph super powers using Ninja stars.  It was pretty cute.

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