Twenty-four, Nine, One.

Early this morning Ben told me it was snowing.  I wasn't seeing flakes, but no matter, we both went outside in our pajamas only to see tiny flakes falling!  I got us both dressed, grabbed a flashlight, and Ben and I walked around the block while little flakes fell on our heads.

When we got in the house, I made Ben hot chocolate with peanut butter toast and some banana slices.  He ate every bite.

Ben is old enough to know how to turn on the pinball machine and keep the ball in the game.

He does pretty well.

We had a fun day yesterday, too.  I'm not sure why my camera didn't come out much, but it didn't.  Ben did appear in front of me with this creation and asked me to take a picture.

We made cookies before church and got plates ready.  After lunch, Ben and I delivered them.  I thought this would take a half hour, tops.  However, people invited us in and we had a wonderful time.  The two of us were gone all afternoon.

Papa's idea for lunch today was a new Japanese restaurant downtown.  I was stunned to see Ben used his chopsticks to snatch ice cubes from Papa's glass and put them in his.  This is real picture, not staged.

I have ordered katsudon 3 times here, each time so good that hours later I was still thinking about it.

After lunch, we all walked two blocks to Pioneer Park.  The gardens there have foundation stones from the Provo Tabernacle.

Ben has a lot of energy.

We all had a lot of fun.

Papa Ben was one big smile, although it might have been the Japanese food.

Mom loved the slide.

Ben and I had a big discussion this morning, many times, about what day it was today.  He really wanted to open a present.

I finally set a timer.  I told him when the number on the left was a 1, he could ask me about opening a gift, but not until then.

I made it easy for him to check.  About every ten minutes he climbed up to look.

After returning from our lunch outing, he was thrilled to see a one on the left!

I picked the gift he could open.  I ordered it last Thursday, and Amazon said it would arrive on the 26th.  I hoped for the best and was pretty happy when this arrived the very next day!

Ben peeked in and could see it was an animal.  He was giggling.  This was fun for all of us.
At this point he realized it was a dinosaur.

Falling in love never happened so fast!

Ben immediately grabbed the nearby veterinarian kit to give the triceratops a checkup.

In no time, Ben pronounced Triceratopsy to be completely healthy.
I suggested taking Triceratopsy around the block.  We found a stroller and a blanket.

As we walked, he gathered sticks, rocks, grass and leaves for Triceratopsy to eat.

The three of us made it around the block just before the sun set.

Corinne had dinner ready for us:  Baked brie with mushrooms and leeks.

Ben read Papa Ben some stories.  This was a perfect ending to a perfect day.


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