Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Two Buses in One Day -- YAY!

Early this morning, Little Ben and I slipped out of the house to check out the newly fallen snow.

A flashlight made our adventure more fun.

After a walk around the block, we built a snowman in the driveway.

We moved the snowman to a pile of snow, and for the record, he's still there.

While Ben slid and slipped and threw snowballs at me, I took a few pictures.

My camera was in fine form.

I even used my zoom lens.

In the meantime, Papa Ben made us a delicious breakfast.

Then, we were off to the dinosaur museum.  Ben was brave enough to make the admission donation.

We all love the museum.  It's just the right size.

Dinosaur Train is one of my favorite shows.  This is a fossil of a Pteranodon.

Corinne and I discussed online dating profiles as I took this picture.

After the museum, we boarded the new UVX bus and rode across town.

This was my first time on this bus route.  I took this picture so you could see what the bus looks like.  People got on and off, but it was actually pretty quiet today.

We walked under University Parkway.

Then, a bonus tunnel!

After our adventure and an errand, where Ben got two lollipops, we stopped at my favorite place for lunch, which we brought home.
I have been anxious to try this new oatmeal cookie recipe.  These turned out so well that I will bake them as Christmas cookies next year.  They have cookie butter inside.  I didn't know what that was until now.

We turned the cookies into ice cream sandwiches.

None of us actually know how to make ice cream sandwiches, we realized, but we managed.

With the sun out, Ben and I went outside again.  He made snow bars, not to be confused with snow cones or snow balls.  I've been chatting with Ben about what snow he can eat, and what snow he can't eat.  As a result, he has focused on the fact that he can eat snow.

We took Maximus and Triceratopsy on our walk, with Ben eating snow all along the way.  (New snow, very safe.)

Still full to the brim with energy, Ben painted a robot.  He did a pretty good job, too!

Bedtime comes to all who wait.

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