Monday, February 18, 2019

I Think I Can Do That. I've Seen Sesame Street.

My kitchen faucet died over the weekend.  Dave and Ben picked out a new one this morning and Dave got right to work.

This is how Dave spent much of the day.

I made three trips to Lowe's.

On one outing, I asked the man helping me if he could sell me something exactly like this, except I needed one that worked.  I had to put him on the phone with Ben, but the deed was accomplished.

Not only was my counter covered with tools when I returned, but the water to the entire house was shut off.

Then I ended up at a plumbing supply.  I described my problem, well, Dave's problem.  The guys behind the counter came up with this solution, which worked.  Yay.  Big yay, in fact.  I didn't take a picture of the new faucet.  It's just like the old one, except I get hot water out of it.  First world.

Melanie spent the afternoon with Matt.  Dinner was a variety of delicious leftovers.  Then, to my amazement, and without my even suggesting this, we played Mexican Train!  Guess who won the first round?  Yes, the grandma with the pink train.

Dave won the next round.

Then Mel.  I'm always sorry when the yellow train doesn't win, but that's how it works sometimes.

Halfway through our evening, Melanie realized that this was her penultimate day of vacation.  We've had a wonderful time.

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