Sunday, February 17, 2019

I'm Cringing Six Moves Out

I had many important things on my agenda this morning.

The ribs were off the grill and basting in the warming oven with my secret sauce with plenty of time to spare.

So I made bagels.

My new topping for the bagels is delicious.  I realize this bagel looks a little over-toasted, but I assure you, looks can be deceiving.

For Ben and me, church is a morning of service.  Mel was on campus with Will.  Lunch was hot artichoke dip.

We also had potato chips.  This might have been the best lunch ever.  Dave tells me I say that a lot.  Maybe.

It was not my idea to play Mexican Train, but I was on board.

Unfortunately, my train was open most of the time.  This is not conducive to winning.

Will won the first round.

Melanie won quite a few games.

The birds were a distraction for a little while.

Dave won a game.

Papa Ben not only won, but he danced a little.

I came very close to winning a game.  Close does not count in Mexican Train.

Melanie was fascinated with the snow and took a movie for her friends.

I have pretty much given Melanie my car for this weekend, and she has made many trips to campus.  She picked up Matt and then it was time for dinner!

My favorite line from dinner came from Matt:  I don't need to learn past tense -- I'm going to be an engineer.

Once in a while I work really hard on a meal and it pays off.  This was one of those times.

I have sold Dave on my latest cookie.  The cookies were hot, Dave was dishing out vanilla ice cream, and things were moving fast.  Why we were discussing deserts vs desserts is beyond me.  I was totally focused on the chocolate.

I like to be polite.  Sometimes lots of people are talking so I put a spoon on my glass to let those around me know that I have something to say.  We all had a lot to say today, which made everything wonderful.

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