Thursday, July 18, 2019

Burnt Almond Fudge

Camille claimed her favorite spot before 6 am.  It was 61 degrees, so I grabbed a quilt.

After last night, I felt it was necessary that Kyle and I watch the episode about a saddle.

This show is a good mix of funny and intense.

We made it to the pool.

Adele practiced swimming.

Kyle jumped in once, just for my camera.

Most of the laughing I heard was related to Lewis.

Tender-hearted Camille used the frisbee to save a drowning bee, and it worked!  He flew away once he dried off in the sun.  Don't worry about me -- I used my zoom.

We had lunch at The Crepery.

This is always delicious.

We did have to wait longer than expected for our food.

We told jokes.  Of course you know how to tell if an elephant is behind you, right?  (You can smell the peanuts on his breath.)

Kyle was curious about DS9.  I was happy to satisfy.  Adele joined us, with headphones.

I was multitasking this afternoon.  Camille helped me feed the birds, fill my cistern, sweep the deck.  She even refilled the thistle container for me.

We all like to watch the birds.

Then, she proofread last night's blog.  Actually, everyone contributes to that effort, especially since I seem to be unable to keep Lewis and Kyle straight in my brain.
When the nappers awoke, we visited Shasta.  Most in the group knew I had seen Shasta when she was alive.  Fortunately, these three had not heard this before.

First up, Papa and I took the kids to the new interactive kiosk near the butterflies.  Adele knew enough that she couldn't be tricked into thinking a worm was an insect.

Camille and I played a matching game.

Papa and Camille played Jeopardy.

Lewis knew something was in the cave, but there was no way he was going inside.  This is as close as he got.

However, he was close enough to see the bear when the flash on my camera lit him up.

I saw something new near the elevator.

I googled this when I got home and learned that Robert and Reinhold Brendel, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, were the artists behind these detailed models.  Their works were in great demand at universities all over the world.

After a pleasant time in the Bean, Papa and I led the way to the satellite creamery north of Heritage Halls.  I rarely indulge in BYU ice cream, but this is my favorite:  Roasted Almond Fudge.  I shared.

Actually, a lot of sharing happened this afternoon.

We discussed the difference between sherbet and ice cream.

This might have been called a collaborative event.

And why not go to the pool again?  Steve pulled out his camera, so I pulled out mine.
My camera and I like splashes.

Lewis finished first and joined me.  You're thinking that he is a pretty cute kid.  Yes, for sure.

Papa was in charge of dinner tonight.

Kids were going down for the night when Kyle asked if I knew of a DS9 episode with some good battle scenes.  Of course I knew of one.  Or two.

I had hoped tonight might be a stargazing night, but it just didn't work out to use the telescope.  This was the very last picture my camera took today:  Jupiter and a few moons.

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