Monday, July 22, 2019

Catching Fish and Seeing Stars

We left the house at the crack of dawn this morning.

The kids and even the adults were excited to go fishing.

A nearby playground kept some of us occupied while Papa Ben got things set up.

My camera has to be pretty fast to catch Ben in action.

The kids have made friends with my camera.

We were all having fun.

This was a truly beautiful morning.

One last picture, and then it was time to meet the worms.

Papa asked Janet if she'd worm the hook -- he's giving her instructions.

All adults were helping.  I even casted a line or two.

We had a little snack.

Then, back to work, waiting for a bite.

Kyle caught a fish!  But this guy was too small, and Papa freed him and off he swam.

We caught a lot of seaweed, but the fish weren't biting much.

Adele and Kyle are both expert casters.  I was impressed.

Ben decided that racing along the river was more his speed.

Kyle was patient and fished the entire time we were at the river.

Some got cold, and they tried to keep each other warm.  In the end, I took four others and we went off in search of buttermilk.

Right after we left, Adele and Ben caught a trout.

I ground wheat for Steve's famous pancakes.

Janet and Camille made them.

The three Lego Masters waited for breakfast at their new space station.

Soon enough, breakfast was ready!

Kyle knows these pancakes well!

Camille has perfected this breakfast.

They were delicious!

Then, off to the Curiosity Museum!  This is my favorite part.

When Ben played the water organ, I was reminded of the Phantom of the Opera.

Adele's music was much calmer.

I learned a new magic trick.

Ben found an interesting corner.

When I realized quiet time was happening, I took a nap.
I loved having Ben at the pool with us.

Lewis found a gun.  He shot me, too.

Janet was the adult in our family in the water.  She looked out for all the swimmers.

My friend Amy's dad was at the pool.  If you remember, he was one of Steve's professors.  They had a great time.

It is evident that Ben has taken swimming lessons, although he has always been good in the water.

Kyle found a gun.  He did not shoot me.  His target was Lewis and I did nothing to interfere.

Adele's family left the pool early. They had things to do and places to go.

Ben had ice cream for dessert tonight.

He had the space station all to himself.
Steve and I hosted a star party.  Not many people came, and most of those went back in the house and went to bed.  He and I saw Jupiter, which my camera sort of captured, Saturn, M13, and several other stars.  This was a fabulous evening for me!

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