Thursday, July 11, 2019

I Don't Do Drugs, and I Don't Eat Goat Cheese.

First up:  Feed the fish.  I love when company wants to help with important jobs!

Second:  Make the bagels!  I had three excellent helpers today.  The dough had risen all night in the fridge.

Camille is an expert bagel maker.

Honestly, the kids make the bagels.  I assisted a little, is all.  This is the way to bake!

Adele was not comfortable putting the dough in the boiling water.  It's helpful that Camille is tall enough to see into the pot.

Camille chose to make 4 Everything, 4 sesame, and 4 cheese.

Steve made the eggs.  We had a serious discussion about my Everything topping.  We are going to try something new next time.

This is my official picture of Steve's beard.  I like it a lot.  I am the only one.

Papa traveled home today.  I cried when I learned he made the very short connection at LAX, and then we went to the pool.

My new pool toys are a big hit.

The critters and kids had the pool to themselves.

Lewis was ready for anything.

We were up very late last night.

More accurately, we were up very late this morning, if you get my drift.

We have many plans for this visit, but for sure, every day, we'll go to the pool.

Steve made lunch, even though he'd never cooked with fresh tortillas before.  This was a delicious meal.

Camille is a gourmand.

Lewis did not want a tortilla.  He likes my cat dishes.  So do I.

In this family, kids have a big say in what they eat.

While the nappers napped, the rest of us had fun.  Some painted.  Others drew.

Kyle and I played a fun maze game.  We collaborated, since I had trouble seeing my next move.

Then we played Go Fish!  Camille won the first round.

I love this game a whole bunch.

Adele did not want to play.  Not one bit.  Guess who won the second game?

Kyle won a game.

Two of the nappers joined us when they heard about dessert.

Lewis is an excellent player.

Yes, she won again!

More winners!

Then it was time for Star Trek.  By this time Papa was on his way home from the airport.  Unfortunately, he became caught in a temporal causality loop.

Tonight was Lewis's turn to help make dinner.  He and Janet made delicious pizza dough.

Steve hasn't been able to resist the puzzle Jill didn't finish two weeks ago.

While assembling what we needed for pizza, I realized we didn't have sauce.  (Actually, that's not true.  The one can I had was twice as old as Adele.)  I did, however, have homemade sauce in the freezer.  I thawed it, and Lewis pureed it for me.

In the meantime, Kyle made two Star Trek ships.  As I am typing, he is behind me watching a Klingon episode so he can make a Bird of Prey.

Finally, it was time for dinner!

Papa passed through the house.  Maybe we'll see him again tomorrow.  This is a busy man.

I tried something new.  You are seeing goat cheese, basil from one of my pots, my homemade tomato sauce, and below all of that are strips of roasted red pepper.  This warmed in the oven while my flatbread, made from pizza dough, baked.

Lewis made his own pizza.  Everyone did.  We had a great time at dinner.

I loved my dinner and asked if anyone wanted a taste.  All other adults said no, some more politely than others.  Three children said yes.  Only Kyle enjoyed this.  We're off to a good start!

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