Friday, July 26, 2019

I'm Going to Have a Blast!

Corinne and I took Ben to the indoor playground at the mall this morning.  He was in heaven and found quite a few other kids who were happy to run and jump and play with him.

We only had six items in our cart at Costco, but we were in a very long line.  What did Ben find?  More kids to play with.  This was actually pretty funny.  Corinne and I both stepped toward the kids to intervene before we realized they were all laughing.

Will has been in town this week, taking a break from his summer job in Mt. Pleasant.  Leaving me home to wait for a delivery, Papa and Corinne took Ben to Will's apartment to meet his lizard.  I'm sorry there aren't pictures, but I was assured that the lizard was a big hit.  Then, they went to the Crepery.

As you can see, Ben immediately became Will's best friend. 

Upon arriving home, Ben raced to the table to show Will his new Minecraft Lego creation.  Will was suitably impressed.

Corinne asked Will if he'd take Ben around the block on his scooter.  As they went out the door, Ben said, "I'm going to have a blast!"  We should see a little more of Will this weekend.

After 25 years, I am getting a new mattress, maybe a little overdue.  The mattress was out of the bedroom waiting for the delivery guys to take it away.  Ben had a wonderful time and asked me if I couldn't keep it there forever.  I hate to disappoint sweet children, but that wasn't in the plan.  Honestly, this was such a hit, if I could have I would have.

Soon it was time for games.  I don't usually have to bribe grandchildren to play with me, but I had to bribe Ben.  He had fun in spite of himself.

Fortunately, we beat the sun.

I am not sure Ben has ever played Memory Tiles with me.  I can't remember.

Ben was very pleased at the end of the game.  So was I!

With overcast skies, we made the decision to go for a walk instead of going to the pool.  This turned out to be great for a couple reasons.  First, the temperature dropped significantly, so our walk was very pleasant, and second, it rained on us just enough to justify our decision.

Yesterday in Costco Ben begged me to buy shrimp, something I never purchase.  When we got home, he refused to eat it.  Such is life.  Corinne cooked dinner tonight.  Turns out the shrimp are excellent!

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