Thursday, July 25, 2019

Jedi in the House

The Jedi sword from the cereal aisle has been a big hit.

Fortunately, the sword makes sounds, so I always know where Ben is.

Ben accompanied me on a few errands this morning, one of which involved a return.  The little grey kitty ended up being part of the return credit, much to Ben's delight.  His name is Kitty.  I suggested other names, but Kitty told me he liked being called Kitty.  Kitty and Dusty accompanied us into Costco. Notice Dusty carefully strapped in the cart.  This picture was for Mom so she'd know where we were.

After a lunch of dino nuggets, Ben and I ended up downstairs for the rest of the day.  Treats from the freezer were fun.  He watched Charlie and Lola while I worked two feet away.  He's laughing at Lola the Princess who doesn't want her hair cut.

Dusty has a twin sister named Heartsy who lives in Texas with a little friend.  Ben wanted capes and invisibility cloaks for each of them.  Making up the pattern as I worked, this is the cape.

In the meantime, I offered to build a tent from blankets for Ben. He had a better idea and raced to the toy closet where he had remembered the tent that his mother got for her birthday when she was about his age.  It took me a few minutes to get it up, especially because I had help, but I got the job done.  He spent the next two hours in the tent tending his animals.  The Jedi sword, for the record, can also be used as not only a diagnostic tool, but as a healing instrument.  Mr. M&M guy on a downstairs bookshelf provided vitamins for the animals.

He did take a pinball break.

The cape doubles as an invisibility cloak.  Now that I know what I'm doing, the blue cape for Dusty should go a lot faster.  This was a fun, peaceful day.

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