Sunday, July 21, 2019

Noncanonical Puzzle Pieces

For the first time in a very long time, I cooked my own eggs and ate breakfast alone.  I tried to fry the eggs like Steve does, but I couldn't turn them, so I channeled my mother and put a lid on the pan.

Kyle brought up a 1000-piece puzzle from the basement.  I know this puzzle.  It's very hard.  Agony, in fact.  That didn't keep me from separating out all the border pieces for him.

Steve, the puzzle king, joined us.  At that point, I tiptoed away.

I helped Adele with some math skills.  She has a preference on how I write the number 2.  I got it right on this card.  Then we all went to church, came home and had lunch.

We got right back into puzzles.  I was happy to see this one coming along without my help.  I worked with Adele on puzzles a little more my speed.

I love my puzzle collection, and I love putting puzzles together with grandkids.

Lewis found a cute puzzle and put it together all by himself.

Then it was time to prep for dinner.  I gave minor directions and Camille made the dough for French bread.

She wanted to make homemade pasta for dinner.  What could have been a simple meal turned into fettuccini Alfredo.

Cooks were working hard in the kitchen and Steve was sharing an ancient Christmas present with his kids.  Laughter abounded.

Then my Legos came out.
Then cousin Ben showed up and seamlessly merged into all the fun.  One of the cooks took a break to play with him.

Then Ben joined the cooks in the kitchen!  He was a little rough with the dough, and I told him he had to be careful because the dough was alive.  He did not believe me.

He took the brush from Camille and painted the loaves with egg white.  This was a cute picture, but when he was done, Camille quietly finished.

Rolling out the dough was hard.  Janet had to take over.

Camille cut the strips.

I found a minute to check on the puzzle.  I was worried I might have to help finish.
We were all pleased with how the noodles turned out.

Corinne offered to make the Alfredo sauce.
The bread turned out very well.

Three helpers set the table.

Dinner turned out to be a feast.  You are seeing the noodles with Alfredo sauce, plus chicken, a few tomatoes, chopped spinach, fresh basil, and some trees.  I mean broccoli.  I had butter on the table for the bread, but I dipped mine in the Alfredo sauce, it was that good.
Then dessert.

Then I had no excuses left, and I offered to help with the puzzle.

I knew that Steve had a system when the puzzle was more than half done.  At that point he separates the pieces by shape.  Tonight he told me to look for any noncanonical holes.  I asked him if he had made up that word.  One look from him told me I might be out of line.  The piece on the left is noncanonical.

All of a sudden, it was done.

Steve and Kyle had to show the rest of us the baby dragons hidden within the puzzle.  We were suitably impressed.

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