Sunday, November 24, 2019

Back to the Future!

I spied Kyle when I crept down the stairs this morning.  He and I were at Jeff's lakes before 6 am.

Neither of us were concerned about the temperature.  In fact, 36 degrees here feels warmer than 36 degrees at home.  Which was good because I was in a borrowed coat with no gloves or hat.

I love to walk when the sky begins to lighten.  Kyle and I had a great time together.

My camera didn't come out during breakfast or church, but I did catch these two happy kids in a random moment.

Someone couldn't wait for lunch.

Steve made Autumn bread.  This was very popular.

Fortunately, he made two loaves. Not a crumb was left.

Corinne found a moment to give Jeff's family a gift.

This is a delicate glass Narwhal, perfect for a Christmas tree.

Interesting to me, several of the kids commented on how well the roasted red pepper soup went with the bread.

Luke sat across from me.

Corinne found a quiet moment to give me a gift.  I shared with everyone.

Pretty soon, we were ready for a walk.

Everyone likes the turtle bridge.

The bridge is aptly named.

Papa Ben likes the turtles.

Jane is terrific company.

Ben and I had to hunt for the toothache tree to show Kyle, but we found it.

No need to worry about Ben.  He's only been paralyzed by Luke's magic wand.

He recovered quickly enough to hide.

Luke cast spells on Ben during our entire walk.

Kyle liked seeing the lake in the light.

Jeff spied some cormorants high in a tree.

Back at the ranch, some kids enjoyed playing Settlers of Catan.

Fortunately, Kate was willing to play Memory with me.

Some in our group rested.

All of a sudden, Dave's family arrived!  Joseph went right to Dave.

Realizing he hadn't given me the time of day, Joseph reached out to say hi.

These kids love brain teasers and puzzles, and Steve complied.

He occupied several kids and a few adults for over an hour.

Jacob chose to tease the animals, who enjoyed the attention.

Maybe there was a little taunting of the grandfather, also.

I grabbed these two as they raced by.

Nate, too.

I gotta tell you, Jeff's pulled pork is no question the best I've ever eaten.  Here it is hours later, and Steve and I are still talking about it.

The talking and interactions that had gone on all day continued.

Kyle mentioned on our walk this morning that he'd been watching 80s movies with his dad.  Jeff and Steve discussed what they thought were the best 80s movies over lunch. When Dave arrived, they asked him to name the number 1 movie of that decade.

Not a hard question for Dave:  Back to the Future!

All I can say is that Jill's peanut butter bars need to be part of my future.

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