Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Gravy So Good I Cried

When I left Jeff's last night, these kids were right here playing Magic.  This morning when I walked in the door, I saw the same kids in the same places.  I asked no questions.

Late last night I received a video of Jonathan walking.  I was very excited.

This morning Papa showed the short video to Joseph, who was extremely interested in the video.  Alas, he has no interest in walking.

Kate and I decided to play Go Fish!  We were talking.  She shuffled the deck once.  I shuffled twice and then I dealt.  It soon became apparent that three shuffles was not nearly enough.  I'm not sure why we thought this was so funny, but neither of us could stop laughing when matches seemed to appear out of thin air.

In the meantime. Julia tended Joseph.

I spied a strange situation -- two spatchcocked turkeys splayed on a rack with cool air blowing over them. I asked someone if the birds were ok. "The skins have to be dry," I was told.  I couldn't think of any other questions.

In the meantime, chefs were cooking up a feast in the kitchen.

An hour later I walked by the racks.  Same birds, same fan, new position.  I actually asked no questions at all.

On occasion others borrow my camera.  When I unloaded the memory stick I saw a set of pictures of three young men making an apple pie.  Luke peeled the apples.

Kyle made the pastry.

What I know now that no one knew at the time was that this particular pie would turn out to be delicious.

With the bottom crust made, Kyle cut strips for a lattice top.

Jacob mixed the filling.

I have never successfully made a lattice top for a pie.  I was very impressed.

Before the pie went into the oven, I spied this.  I was extremely impressed.

While the pies baked, three adults followed 8 kids to a nearby playground.

My walking companion was Jane, who doesn't seem to have appeared in any of today's pictures.

Jane and I talked about multiplication and division on our walk to the playground.  She's not much of a fan.  I shared with her my favorite multiplication facts, such as 9x9.  Or 11x11.  I also really like 7x7.  Jane doesn't have any favorites.

The day was cloudy and cool.  We had a lovely time.

Jacob had to ask me what the name of this particular piece of equipment was.  I think he was testing me.  I told him what teeter totters were like when I was a kid.  It was the dark ages.

Luke ran by.  I asked him to pose.  He gave me 3 seconds.

Kate is reading a book which was released today.  She had reserved it at the library, she got a notice it was ready for her this morning, and she rode her bike to pick it up.  We had a nice conversation about why she liked this particular author.

Bradley had a great time at the playground.

All of us were under the watchful eyes of these two supervisors.

Back at the ranch, these three helped me put together a fun puzzle.  I have several more.  Maybe we'll get to them tomorrow.

Ben is not a big fan of puzzles.  He does like the cousins' toys.

Kyle and Nate started up a round of Magic.  Luke and Bradley had not yet been instructed on the finer points of the game.  This is one of the reasons Steve is so popular in our family.

I had been sitting at the table with them working on these pictures.  I love it when kids play together, occasionally having to engage their brains.

When I became aware that I could be of assistance in the kitchen, my camera and I stood up.  We caught this nearby scene.

Many hands worked to provide us with a feast today.  I realize it's not Thursday, but for us, it was our Thanksgiving.  As I checked out the pictures in my camera, I had to laugh when I realized others wanted this moment preserved.

Jill claimed she was not in charge.  However, she makes things happen.

Steve's bread was as delicious today as it was Sunday.

The little kids enjoyed their meal outside.

Jeff made gravy from homemade stock and a roux.  He brought me a small sample before the blessing so I could taste it. A new experience for me was to eat gravy from a bowl with a spoon. I emptied the bowl.  I looked for more.  It was surreal.

My contribution to the meal was something I have never made before, a cranberry compote, introduced to me by our ministering brother twelve months ago.  This dish has replaced a family heirloom recipe I've been making for over four decades.

I finally sat down to eat.  I tasted the potatoes and gravy first.  Jeff asked me how it was.  I cried.  I don't know what else to say--it was that good!

The evening was beautiful and a couple of the chefs left for a walk.  Other chefs left for Corinne's yoga class.  I washed dishes in a peaceful, quiet kitchen.

Once everyone returned, we had dessert.  With four choices in front of me, I chose the apple pie, which Jeff heated in the microwave before placing the ice cream on top. This was very delicious and I savored every single bite.

I observed other people eating other pies.

This was a fantastic meal, enjoyed in the company of wonderful, caring family members.  I am thankful for my family.

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