Monday, December 23, 2019

An Everything Day

One of our traditions is to walk to Kneaders for breakfast.  It was a little chilly this morning for most of us, but Matt and Dave walked.  Did they get lost?  Ask me later.

My favorite is the Greek omelet.

Most of the kids ordered French toast.

Nate and Julia were delighted with Annika's Pac-man.

After arriving home, Papa realized he'd left his hat in the restaurant.  Julia and I offered to retrieve it.  She got out of the car, ran in by herself, asked about the hat, and in 30 seconds was back out waving the hat.  I was very proud.

Then we went to the library.  Two librarians helped Julia find 14 new books.

After that, the two of us did some grocery shopping in Costco.  This was not an original idea.  Fortunately, Julia is excellent company, she enjoyed the free samples, and we had a marvelous time together.

Jacob loves the tramp place, so we went.

See the taut strap Julia is walking on?  It is suspended about 12 inches above the mat.  Julia walked across it unaided.  I was very impressed.  The secret?  Go fast.

The tramp place has a new obstacle course which both Nate and Julia enjoyed.

This is my new favorite picture of Nate.

He enjoys the dodgeball pit.

A gigantic slide is also a new feature.

A nearby seating area allowed me to be comfortable while taking pictures.

Lunch was my new favorite yellow curry inspired from a meal in Dallas last month.  Carolyn made inari zushi.  Julia spied the California rolls in Costco.  Late in the day I took four kids to campus. Matt took Nate up to his dorm room and Melanie took Julia to hers.  The kids had a lot of fun and hopefully glimpsed their future.

Dave's neighbor is caring for his saltwater tank. We all had a laugh about this brief exchange.  
After all the dishes were clean and put away, I made mousse cake.  My recipe includes raw eggs in the finished dessert.  Dave volunteered to be the guinea pig.

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  1. Your new favorite picture of Nate is my new favorite picture of Nate:)


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