Monday, December 30, 2019


I seem to already be preparing for two birthday celebrations on Wednesday.  Jacob woke up in time to have dropped torte for breakfast.

No one noticed the expiration date on the can of whipped cream, even those who had this for dessert after dinner tonight.  Whew!

If you are wondering why the cupcakes aren't frosted, it's because these are so good they don't need frosting.

Carolyn watched the birdies at the feeder.  She decided to bundle up and take her camera outside.  When all the birds suddenly scattered, she saw the reason.  Papa thinks this is a Cooper's hawk.

Jacob, the most-favored grandchild these days, accepted my offer to take him to the tramp place this afternoon.

He got a 3-hour pass.  I dropped him off and went back to the chapel to vacuum, a responsibility I now share since we are back in our ward.

I arrived back at the tramp place in time to watch him do fancy stuff on the trampoline.  He's great, and he had a fun time.

This morning, to my dismay, I realized that the roast beef I bought last week was actually Black Forest ham.  It's hard to make French Dip from ham, maybe you knew that.  But as we discussed options for dinner tonight, I suggested grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise and my mustard.  Big hit.

Julia did not have ham, but she was creative.

I saw my first cyclops war at dinner tonight.  One of the many things I love about Dave is that he is a good dad.

Matt did not have a torte for breakfast, but he did have it for dessert.  He liked it, which is good, because his is one of the birthdays we will celebrate.  There will be plenty left for Wednesday, no worries.

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