Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Dewey, Iron My Turtle!

We got an early start this morning, with several of us working on a variety of projects.  Dave, sensing Ben's disappointment that we were not able to put water in the fish tank yet, decided to solve the problem.  You are seeing perler beads over a tablet template of a Yellow Tang.

I was working on setting the table.  Yes, that's my great-great-grandmother's silver, and my wedding crystal and china. I have learned that people sit longer at the table when I used my best dishes.

Carolyn made pie crusts.  For the record, this was long before breakfast.

One of my favorite things about Dave's kids is that they know fish and sea life.  One by one, they came up the stairs, saw what their dad was doing, and joined in.

After putting the final touches on the mousse cake, I offered the spatula to Nate, who readily accepted.

I was so focused on Nate in my camera that I didn't see Dave jump up behind Nate and steal a lick.  It was pretty funny.

Jacob joined us.  He's been great this trip.  I can ask him to do one job.  Any job.  And he'll do it and do it right.  But just one job.  For awhile.  Then I can ask again.

Papa sorted beads for Nate, who chose to make a Red Headed Goby.  Every time a sibling saw the fish for the first time, they said, "Oh, is that a Red Headed Goby?"

Julia made a large turtle.  If you are wondering why Dave's fish is taking so long to build, it's because two Tang fight, but three get along very well.

In the meantime, the crust was ready for the oven.  I was gently chided this morning for not having pie weights, something I did not know even existed.

I was having a fabulous time.  So many of us were in the kitchen together, laughing, talking, working.  I love my family.

I am the designated ironer.  Unfortunately, sometimes things don't go perfectly at this stage.  The turtle needed an immediate repair.  I asked Julia to fix the turtle and call me and I'd come right back.  I had no idea she became discouraged and had started to quietly cry.  Nate leaped to the rescue, and soon the turtle was better than new.  In case you are extremely observant, the turtle is wrapped and under the tree.

The tank is heavy even without water.  One of Ben's friends built the stand.  He claims it's sturdy enough to hold a Tesla.  Ben and Dave got the tank exactly in the right spot.

Dave is an all-purpose kind of guy.  I managed to catch a picture of him stirring the lemon curd.

I'm skipping ahead, but this pie was spectacular.  I should mention that Carolyn hand-carried her own home-grown Meyer lemons on the plane to make this pie for Papa.

Neighbors brought cookies.  This was actually true every day this week.  The kids told me they were pretty good.  Some had eaten breakfast at this point, but not all.

Jacob fed the birds when I asked, and I rewarded him with a fancy malted milk ball.  If you are wondering about the paint on the walls, this is all related to why there is no water in the tank.

I chose to have our Christmas Eve meal in the afternoon.  You might be wondering if I accommodated a BYU football fan in moving dinner up several hours.  The answer is yes.

Everyone knows that I eat when the meal is hot regardless of whether or not others are at the table.  They came quickly but immediately became enamored with the crystal.

Dave has eaten many meals with these glasses and knows exactly what to do.

His kids were impressed.

Dinner was everything I hoped for -- fun conversation, laughing, a little reminiscing, good food, and no bad jokes.

I also love that my grandchildren like to help me with pictures for my blog.  This is Mel's plate.  The steak was rare and delicious, but my favorite was the leek and mushroom gravy.

Maybe Nate had the best time.

I don't mind washing dishes, but I ended up with 5 bandaids on my finger while trimming the steak, which are only slightly hampering my typing tonight.  Will washed the crystal and the silver while I supervised and dried.

Meanwhile, Jacob became inspired and decided the tank needed a starfish.

After dishes, fish and a few games of pool, it was time for dessert.  Not a bite was left, not one bite.

We are all enchanted with the tank.  I'm personally impressed with the improvisation involved with the lighting.  We all have sat and watched the fish.  They don't move, but it's still pretty cool.

My perler beads have been used a lot over the years, but no projects have made Papa as happy as this.  In fact, I would add that no child has been as excited about a perler bead project before, either.  What a fun, fun day!

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