Sunday, December 29, 2019

Favorite Grandchild

Of course the day began with bagels.  I make the dough the night before and it rises in the fridge.  The request last night was for all Everything.  Unfortunately, there were no Asiago Cheese left in the freezer this morning.  Sorry about that, Mel.

Dave came up the stairs just as I put the almond milk in my chocolate tea.  This is what he calls a metric splash.  I call it, "I'm still afraid of almond milk."

After church, we all worked toward lunch.  Mel made our fake naan.

Carolyn made another lemon meringue pie.

I was helping with what I now know is the lemon curd.  It wasn't thickening.  Dave stepped in and solved all the problems.

Finally it was time for lunch!

Butter chicken is one of my favorite meals.  It's been so long since I've made it that I had to use the recipe.

I know what real naan is, but this is delicious and easy and no naan was left.

Mel confessed that a paper clip from my hymnal slipped into the keyboard.  After lunch I showed a few onlookers how to pull out the key cover.  We retrieved not one errant paper clip, but two.  Then we listened to Melanie play hymns all afternoon.  Bliss.

Today was bitter cold.  This did not keep kids inside the house.

They were fascinated with the ice.

Jacob brought me this amazing chunk of ice.  I used a filter to demonstrate its coolness.  Papa took a minute to explain crystals to us.

Dave played the guitar and then posted a clip online.  I love listening to his gentle music, which included a hymn or two.

Caper movies have been on the schedule this week.  I generally don't watch movies, but I did recommend a DS9 heist, which several of us enjoyed.  This is one of my favorite scenes from any Star Trek episode anywhere.  My peeps laughed without me saying one word. In case you missed this one, they are on their way to rob a casino.

Finally it was time for the pie.  Or so I thought.

As I was about to sit down, I saw Jacob slip on my shoes and hustle out the back door.  I followed him out (without shoes).  If I don't tell you what he's doing, you'll never guess.  He's catching snowflakes on  glass slides on a very cold platter.  He'd been watching for flakes and when they appeared, out he went.

Dave quickly examined the snowflake under Papa's new microscope.

We were all very amazed and impressed.

Cause it was cold.

Then we had pie.
If you are thinking this is skimpy, we had to cut ten slices.  We would have cut 11, but Mel was napping.  You snooze, you lose.

Julie found a peppermint spoon hiding among the treats.

Will and Annika joined us.

I am not going to tell you what Jacob did for me that caused me to give him favorite grandchild status, but I was very grateful.  Very. I thanked him and said he could have anything he wanted.  He asked for a game of pool.  I was way in the zone but still lost.

Then Julia and I played a few games.  Neither one of us was anywhere close to the zone, but we still had a great time.

I nearly beat Matt.  Almost.  It might happen.  Maybe tomorrow. 

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