Friday, January 18, 2019

Two Walks!

I got to tend Joseph all by myself this morning. I thought a walk would be a good idea.  Joseph thought this was a fantastic idea!

The weather was a little snowy, but I had bundled Joseph snug as a bug.  Did you know birds make a lot of noise when it's snowing?

After our walk, Joseph napped until his parents came home.  Walks can do that to you.

Joseph likes his dad a lot.

After lunch, Joseph took his mom and me on another walk!

We know a good thing.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Winter Visitor

Joseph and his parents came to visit us!  His mom was concerned that the world would see him in a Christmas sleeper in January.  It's winter here, and it still fits.  Why not?

Papa rocked Joseph in his great-great-grandmother's rocking chair.

I was assigned to tend Joseph for two minutes while his mom installed the car seat.  He was grinning and adorable, so I ran for my camera.  I was gone only 5 1/2 seconds, but Joseph refused to open his eyes when I returned.  He did, however, cling to my hand for dear life!

All Aboard!

My favorite train engineer made an appearance today.  He cheerfully let his brother join him in playing with the train set.  Honestly, liste...