Friday, January 18, 2019

Two Walks!

I got to tend Joseph all by myself this morning. I thought a walk would be a good idea.  Joseph thought this was a fantastic idea!

The weather was a little snowy, but I had bundled Joseph snug as a bug.  Did you know birds make a lot of noise when it's snowing?

After our walk, Joseph napped until his parents came home.  Walks can do that to you.

Joseph likes his dad a lot.

After lunch, Joseph took his mom and me on another walk!

We know a good thing.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Winter Visitor

Joseph and his parents came to visit us!  His mom was concerned that the world would see him in a Christmas sleeper in January.  It's winter here, and it still fits.  Why not?

Papa rocked Joseph in his great-great-grandmother's rocking chair.

I was assigned to tend Joseph for two minutes while his mom installed the car seat.  He was grinning and adorable, so I ran for my camera.  I was gone only 5 1/2 seconds, but Joseph refused to open his eyes when I returned.  He did, however, cling to my hand for dear life!

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