Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sometimes You Get the Bear, and Sometimes the Bear Gets You

I didn't plan to take any pictures today because I miss my camera so much, but I happen to know that when I'm having a good time, I take pictures.  I love it when Ben's uncles fuss over him.  Dave prepared a slushie for Ben.  It was pretty cute.

This was after church and after lunch, and Mom was ready to go, but Ben was deliberately stalling.  I was not part of any solution, either.  Nate and Julia wanted to play Go Fish! with me, and Ben jumped right in the game and Nate dealt him in. Obviously, I could see Ben's hand.

I observed that I had four cards Ben could use, so I "collaborated."  Nate and Julia immediately saw what I was doing, and they collaborated, too. Ben was thrilled beyond measure to win, and then he was out the door and on his way home.

I am astonished that all the kids are willing to spend vast amounts of time with me playing games.  Dave confessed that he was a little surprised about this, too.  I rarely win these days.  That's not what I'm here for, I keep telling myself.  You might notice that Nate is not winning in this picture.

Julia resisted playing Memory with me.  Now, she's sold.

Memory is a game that anyone who can pay attention can win.  Julia was delighted to be winning.  I will confess that she was particularly delighted that Nate was not winning.

The three of us did tie once.  We had a lot of fun together.  We talk, we share strategies, and when I think one of them is in a position to clean up, I cheer them on.

A lot happened in this house today.  I was very happy that the beads came out.  Dave has some new fish in his tank, and Melanie made a fish for him.  It would have had a tail if I had cut the cord, I'm just saying'.  I love the new beads.

I bought the brisket for this afternoon's meal last night.  Julia was with me as we listened to my phone give directions to the BBQ place.  On the way I observed that the rental car I was driving was almost out of gasoline.  I shared my concern with Julia.  She said she knew where a gas station was, and then, from the back seat, she directed me to the nearest station, not one along the route the phone was giving me.  I was very, very pleased.  After stopping at the pump, I looked around the car to figure out how to open the fuel door.  Julia asked what I was doing, and I told her I needed to learn how to put the gas in the car.  She sweetly said, "Look for a hatch on the side of the car and open it, and then put the nozzle in."  She added that she thought there was a handle I should pull.  If I'm ever in serious trouble, I want this 8-year-old with me.

Carolyn had made the buns for the sandwiches.  As we all finished eating, Melanie brought in a second basket of rolls.  Seeing my surprise, Melanie informed me that rolls at Sunday dinner are a major food group in their house.  

Matt then offered that the rolls were a post-dinner pre-dessert snack.

I knew what I wanted, and it wasn't a roll.

While I tried to help out with a few dishes, Julia let her creative juices flow.

I am delighted with the beads.

Melanie likes Bananagrams, and she is very good at it, as you can tell by her words.  Not only am I not good at this game, but there's no talking.  No collaboration, if you are hearing what I'm saying.  I tried not to whine, but it was clear I wasn't having fun.  I suggested that the winner of this game got to chose the next game.

No surprise, Mel won, but huge surprise to me, she chose Mexican Train!  Everyone but the two fathers played with us.

Nate, who couldn't be touched yesterday, finally won a game today.

I'm going to warn you that Jacob takes his Go Fish! very seriously.  He told me he was going to beat me, and he did.  We actually had a blast.  By this time, it was Sunday evening in a house full of teenagers, and there were things to do and places to be.
The rest of us stayed home and ate ice cream.

I like people who like to talk about why we are liking the food we are eating.  Dave is one of those people.

Nate and Julia were able to coax Dave and Papa to the game table.

Dave won without any effort at all, although I was surprised he wouldn't trade his fish match to a child who really wanted it.  Cause I always do that.

Then we played Dave's new favorite game about Eleven.  I have decided I like this game, although I didn't even come close to winning.  There's no collaboration, but we talked a lot.

I frequently receive compliments about my new haircut.  When Dave told me that I looked like the rock star on the game card, I decided maybe I need to reconsider my look.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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