Monday, March 9, 2020

In Our Family We Don't Waste Chocolate

I've been sneaking out of the house in the early mornings for my walks.  This morning I didn't need my flashlight.

Ben was delighted to help Papa cook his breakfast.

I took Ben with me on my errand run.  The clerk in the UPS store gave Ben a tootsie roll.  He told her that his cousin Ella likes tootsie rolls, too.

Ben surfed through my neighborhood Walmart.  Honestly, it was hilarious.  Everyone laughed.

Ben is a little obsessed with numbers.  In the car on the way home I gave him some problems.  "What's 2 + 2?"  His response:  "Four million."  I tried again, "What's 3 + 5?"  "Eight billion," he answered.  I tried again.  "Ben, what is 5 + 1?"  He told me it was six trillion.  Ok, I got it.  Normal math is boring.

All of us enjoyed lunch at The Crepery.  My Casanova was more artichokey than usual.  It was gone before I thought to get out my phone.  This is Papa's Mac Daddy.

We shared an Inigo Montoya for dessert.

Ben wasn't sure he could finish his Nutella crepe.  Corinne encouraged him with what should be our motto:  "In our family we don't waste chocolate."

Corinne and I took Ben to my favorite playground.  Some other little boys included him.

Ben had a riot.

Along with milk this morning, I bought play doh.  

The new tank is a lot of fun.  We spied a starfish that had come in with the live rock.  I'm learning how to photograph the tank.  I'm not sure why my camera can focus on the moon but not on a starfish stuck to the back of the tank, but I'll figure this out.

The Wrasse is a colorful fish.  The new mushrooms are beautiful.

This elephant ear mushroom is interesting, too.

Ben needed some help watching a show about spiders.  Papa was there for him.

Everyone was too busy to feed the fish, so I volunteered.  My camera came with me.  Mostly these pictures are for Dave.

I think everyone is adjusting nicely.


  1. I love all your fish. Especially dwarf flame angels. Clear or white coral are dying. They call it blanching in marine biology and enviro-doomsday circles. But these guys will probably be happy in your tank and start taking on color...I've had this happen a few times. I LOVE your rock work. -Dave

  2. Thanks for your comments. I need you here to stand in front of the tank and tell what you see!


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