Sunday, March 8, 2020

Science Experiment or Bust!

No surprise that Ben had peanut butter bars for breakfast. They have oatmeal and eggs, probably pretty healthy, right?

Ben has a special grin just for me when I ask him to smile. It goes all the way to his eyes.

I have a new bread recipe.  It's actually an old recipe -- the whole time I was serving out of the ward, it was going through the ward.  Now that I'm back in, it's coming out of my oven frequently.  I'm getting the hang of it, and I've only spent $80 in new kitchen supplies to make it right.

Corinne had dinner ready for us when we got home from church.  Notice the seasoned chickpea and sweet potato side, so good.  The soup is tortellini, I got it started, Corinne got it finished.

Ben seems to have a fascination with eggs.  I suggested we find an egg experiment we could do.  Corinne got right on that and decided dropping eggs off our deck was a good idea.  We packed one of the eggs in cereal.

There was a slight detour while we fed the birds.

The first egg was packed in ice cubes.

This was not a good idea, well, not for the egg, but it was pretty funny.

The second egg was packed in bubble wrap.  It survived.

I wasn't sure how well cereal would protect an egg.

Turns out it did a great job.

My hypothesis was that the egg packed in paper would also do well.  However, this was a true test, in that Ben gave this package some extra momentum on the way down.


Somehow Papa always finds a way to work whipped cream into a kid's mouth after every event.

Ben and I made cupcakes with the surviving eggs.

The batter is delicious.

These cupcakes are my favorite, but they had to cool.

Ben and I played a few games together while we waited.

Ben told us that one of his goals was to learn how to apply his own whipped cream.  He needed a few pointers, such as how to hold the can, but he was very, very pleased.

Corinne joined us for Mexican Train.  We now have a new rule, called Ben's rule:  You can declare your train open at any time.  I like this rule -- the game goes much faster.

Ben became fascinated with the die in the stink bug game.

I was actually very impressed -- a spin with both of his thumbs and the die would roll for 90 seconds.

He was so enchanted with this that we never played the game, or any more games.  This occupied him for almost the rest of the evening.

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