Saturday, March 7, 2020

Not Afraid of Heights

Ben's morning started out well.

And frankly, it kept getting better.

Ben had a great time with the Legos off and on all day long.

I have been sorting through stuff I've been storing and offering it to children.  Corinne accepted this kimono.  Dusty was happy to wear it.

Today was a work day, mostly because it was the first actual day I've had complete access to my kitchen for months.  Ben offered to help, but he told us he was afraid of heights.  He's washing out the new shelf

Corinne captured this view.  I guess I was more nervous about him that I realized.

But he placed my favorite cow pitcher.

A return air duct is missing.  I asked Ben to build a barrier so nothing could get lost down it.  He complied.

After a while, Ben wanted some screen time.

So did Papa Ben.  Honestly, Papa got way more screen time than Ben today.

Melanie met us for lunch.
Matt, too.

This was not my lunch, mostly because mine was half gone before this picture was taken.

Melanie came back to the house.  She told Papa later that she didn't realize how much she missed home until she saw the tank.

Papa thought Mel had brought him a treat.

He was ready for cupcakes!  No, these are rocket fuel grains.

Before Melanie could get to work, she needed some screen time.  There is a lot to see.

Ben built five ships today.

For awhile, Melanie turned into a normal grandkid, eating ice cream and playing with the toys.

Then she and Papa got to work.

I took a break from my work, also.

I was experimenting with a vases and jars to see what looked nice.  Ben, who a few hours earlier was afraid of heights, was no longer afraid.

He offered to be a statue.

Today was a day where it was hard to focus on one thing.  I have been meaning to show Melanie the phonograph which had belonged to Ben's father.

He served a three-year mission to Australia in the 1930s and while there he purchased this phonograph.  It doesn't exactly work.

Both Melanie and Ben spent a lot of time trying to change that.

In the meantime, my new favorite statue became very comfortable on the mantle.

This wrasse has been in the tank since Tuesday, but today was the first day I saw him.

These two clown fish have been together for a year.  Our fish guy didn't want to separate them, and they seem pretty happy here.  Someone in Wyoming breeds the orange stripes out of clown fish, in case you were wondering.

Now the phonograph plays sound, but it's kind of scary.

Not scary.

Ben was fascinated.

Melanie will cheerfully explain to anyone why she is looking at fuel grains under the microscope.

In the meantime, I was making progress.  Some of my favorite objects have been out of the kitchen, I'm embarrassed to say this, for almost a year.

And, goodnight.

Friday, March 6, 2020


Ben flew on a plane today.  Then I took him on a Trax line.

The timing didn't work for us to catch the 7:03 Frontrunner, but miracle of miracles, the 6:33 was 45 minutes late and we got on it!

Ben held up through everything, but the day caught up with him.

We found this critter waiting for us when we got home.

I had already met this clown.  He was very polite to Corinne and Ben.

We let Ben wind down with a little technology.

I had made my new favorite loaf of bread before I left the house this morning.

Dinner was delicious.

We're all set to have a great week together.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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