Friday, March 12, 2021

Dewey, That's Not the Cue Ball.

We've had such a great week together, but it's been a little cold for these Texans.  However, spring is coming.

Jacob had the last of the leftover pancakes.  Sometimes food becomes a work of art.

This is actually not an example of that.  I baked chocolate cupcakes, but they didn't cook as long as I thought they had, so I finished them in the microwave.  I know it looks terrible, but it was delicious, although the ice cream helped.

Problems with Ben's project meant we lost power again today.  Pool waits for nothing.  Btw, I'm getting better at pool.  For one example,  Nate now allows me to break.  But no one is forgiving me for my blunder yesterday.  The kids do not forget to ask me if I'm aiming at the cue ball.  Sadly, sometimes I'm not.

While Nate and Julia took turns playing pool with me, Ben sat in the passenger seat of the Tesla and encouraged Jacob on the road.  Jacob said he had a great time but admitted Papa had to remind him to breathe.

Several times today I hit in all my balls before my opponent hit in theirs.  My biggest weakness is that I am not very successful in hitting in the 8-ball.  I frequently shoot it in the pocket, but not the one I specified.  This is why people are willing to play with me.

I want to give you a heads up about my favorite hustler.  Don't let her size fool you.  She's very good.

While we played pool, people upstairs painted rocks.  Frankly, Julia and I were quite surprised to come up and find her parents painting.

Other people planned dinner tonight.

I don't like meals from this restaurant.  I do like onion rings.

The topic of conversation involved the difference between 1/8 of an inch and one millimeter.  When I mocked, I was told a machinist sees the difference as comparable to the Grand Canyon, while a pipefitter sees the measurements as nearly identical.  To sum, there were far too many engineers at the table tonight.

We included Matt in our doubles game tonight.  I love these kids.  We've had the best time.

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