Monday, March 8, 2021

Dream Vacation

I spent a big part of the day with Julia.  First, we shopped for some essentials and had a wonderful time.  But mostly we played a lot of pool together.

Julia always racks the balls.  This particular time she placed them in numerical order.

For a short time we took a break and put together a puzzle.

We all know this is my favorite puzzle.  Julia saw the "No Dogs on the Beach" sign for the first time today, and got it.

We had ribs for a late lunch today.  We had to wait for Dave to return from skiing and Jacob and Carolyn to return from a bike ride in the canyon.  Julia didn't know about the fingers part of ribs.

Nate did know.  I didn't notice his placemat until after the meal.

For a long time no one said anything.  I think that was a good sign.

Jacob was making sounds, however.

Someone sneaked in a turn while I finished the dishes.  My ideal vacation is playing pool all day long with grandkids, and so far this week has been ideal.

I forgot that Dave took a turn until I worked on the pictures.  He's good at giving pointers to the kids.  And me, too.  I actually lost to Jacob today by shooting the 8-ball into the wrong pocket.

There was some silliness today.

I believe we will have this dessert every day this week.  My cupcakes.  LaVelle's Vanilla.

The pinball machine has become simply the waiting line for their turn to play pool with Dewey.

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