Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Lights Out

I told Jacob my new mug was great for hot chocolate.  He agreed.

Carolyn made some suggestions for my kitchen.  Jacob implemented them -- not an easy job.

Melanie appeared in time for a late breakfast.

Btw, because our guests have not been vaccinated, we are pretty much home.  Nate is taking advantage of this situation by seeing if he can actually stay in his pajamas all week.  So far, so good.

I believe I have mentioned that we play a lot of pool around here.  Julia tries to shake things up.

I enjoy telling kids how old some of the things are in my house.  No matter how much I reduced and simplified during the last year, these slippers, which I bought for Corinne, still bring me joy.

My pool skills are improving.

Papa has had a project going on, and today it required that we played without electricity for a few hours.  He brought down lanterns for us, although it was still pretty dark.  I told Nate I wanted a picture.  He took advantage of the photo op.

I am not used to seeing shadows on the balls.

I am having such a great week.  We put together several puzzles.

Julia creamed me in Memory.  I loved it.

Takeout Thai worked today, since we couldn't cook.  Matt and Mel joined us.

We had fun with the fortunes.

We played many games of Mexican Train.  Mel won several times.

So did Dave.

Carolyn won once.

Nate was relieved when he won.

I learned that Go Fish! can bring calm.

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