Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Sometimes I Care About Winning

Papa's specialty is blueberry pancakes.

Julia helped with the blueberries.

Canned whipped cream is a staple here.

We got some snow last night.  I couldn't talk the kids out of snow pants.

Nate was determined to do this right.

We had a lot of fun.

All of us.

The snowballs were a little icy.

This was not Dave's first day in the snow.

Dave found an opportunity to teach me about pine cone seeds.

I have realized that I play pool to spend time with the kids.

I do work on my skills, but my motive is to strengthen our relationship.

I will brag a bit and mention that today I hit in both the 5 and 7 in one shot.  Unfortunately, neither ball was mine.

After many hours of pool, Julia read some of her poetry to me.  I loved it.  Then we played Go Fish!, plus a little Memory.

However, I learned that when I play Memory, I play to win.

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