Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Nine Ball

A little nature made its way to the breakfast table.
Julia and I put together one of my favorite puzzles while we waited for Melanie to arrive.
After breakfast, Dave practiced.  Don't ask me why he doesn't have any lights on.
Some of us painted rocks.
Julia gathered these rocks a few days ago, but our to-do lists have been pretty long.

Carolyn is taking an Arabic class.  I think that explains her rock.
Lots of pool, every day.  I am getting good enough that the kids sometimes let me break.
We quit for lunch.
My new favorite company meal is emergency meatballs.
Julia's strong desire was for us to play games all afternoon.  Mel won the first two rounds of Mexican Train.
Nate won the next three.  We were all pretty happy for him.
This man won the next game.
Each had one domino left.  Who will win?
Victory is sweet.
Then it was back to pool.  Dave and Carolyn challenged Jacob and me.  We were having a fun game until....
Yes, it's true.  I mistook the 9-ball for the cue ball.  I did make the shot, but oh my.  I will never live this down.

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