Friday, May 28, 2021

Biome Was the Word of the Day

Ben told jokes on the way to Vernal this morning.  Why can't dinosaurs clap?  They're dead.

A tram took us to the rock quarry.  Ben wanted to sit next to Melanie, who we picked up at 6:15 this morning.

I liked this place.  Millions of years ago, dinosaurs died in a river.  They've since been pushed up and their bones are now exposed in a wall.  That's a good summary.

I took far too many pictures to post.

We all had a great time.

The signage was great.

I have never seen this many dinosaur bones.

This is an abydosaurus skull. 

I learned that finding skulls is a big deal.

This is an allosaurus.

And a skull for him.

This bone has tooth marks on it.  The ranger told us that they could determine that the marks were from one of three carnivorous dinosaurs (versus an alligator, which also lived at that time), but they couldn't determine which species.

This track reminded me of another time our family was together.

Then we drove to a nearby site and saw petroglyphs.

I was tired and hungry, but this was pretty cool.

Watching Ben and Melanie together was great, also.  Melanie told Papa that he and I are fine, but she felt Ben needed a cousin today, so she offered to join us.

She liked the petroglyphs, too.

This was my favorite.

Corinne tried to guess what the artists were thinking.

Mel had my camera by this time.  She took this picture.

And this one.

We had lunch at Subway.  I was hungry.  This was delicious.

Not wanting to waste the 2.5 hour trip to Vernal, Ben took us to a dinosaur museum.

I actually learned a lot about the Uintahs.

As we drove from mountains to deserts, Ben taught us about biomes.  I did not know this word when I was a first grader, but Ben knew and understood it.

The desert biome has beautiful flowers.

On our trip home, I learned our pool opened today.  We were out the door lickety-split.  This is Melanie's perfect cannonball.

Ben is a great swimmer.

He's also great at horsing around.

While we were at the pool, Corinne made dinner.  These were just going in the oven when we got home.

Spicy cauliflower with a dip from Trader Joe's made this almost more tempting than my toast.

There is always time for Lego's.

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