Sunday, May 30, 2021

Saving Ben

A completed stegosaurus greeted me this morning.  We admired him all day long.

Whipped cream on just about anything is a favorite ritual around here.

This never ever gets old, either.

Ben found a perfect place for a clubhouse.

Corinne prepared one of my favorite foods for lunch.

Plus, we enjoyed a delicious lentil salad.  Anything I don't cook is delicious, but this was truly wonderful.

Lunch was followed by an un-birthday party.

There were presents.

There was even a birthday card.  This is a special card.  I drew it with watercolor pencils.

This meant that Corinne could paint it.

I didn't expect such a positive reaction.  I might do this again for other people I love.

I was aware that one of our visitors is a scooter master.  I did not know he gave lessons.

We fed the koi.

This picture is for Papa, who was on his way to the airport.

We spied a family having fun on the river.

Ben had fun on the rocks.

I had a great time taking pictures.

Everything was good until Ben got stuck.

I honestly don't think I could have saved him myself.  I was actually quite impressed with Corinne's rescuing skills.

And then, guess who joined us? Kate!

We shared our birthday dessert with her.  There is a chocolate cupcake buried underneath that BYU ice cream.

Could a perfect day be any better?  Yes.  Kate asked if she could watch Star Trek.

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