Monday, July 12, 2021


Our day started out at the pool and my camera began looking for splashes.

The water was cooler, but so was the air.  I like mornings better at the pool, but I might be alone in this.

Jacob experimented with running across the water.

Bradley was right behind him.

My camera really likes Bradley's waves.

Julia found this exercise very easy.

After awhile we packed up and went home.

My camera was not paying attention during lunch, which was delicious.  Matt and Mel joined us too, and a picture would have been nice. Then we scrambled to find enough computers so the kids could play Minecraft Manhunt.  Listening to this was hilarious.

Julia played with the boys for awhile, but she moved to Pinball.

In the meantime, another new cue arrived. It's 20 ounces.  The other new cue is 19 ounces.  Get this:  We can all easily feel the difference.

I'm pretty sure I've made a decision to move the bookshelves.  I need to do this while I have help here.

And the help right now is excellent.  Ben worked for months on a plan for a new watering system for my geraniums.  It's happening.

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