Thursday, July 8, 2021

Dewey, Could You Turn Off the Sun?

My favorite unicorn joined me in the kitchen this morning.

She chose to watch the hummingbirds while she wrote two poems.

I am going to share a few of her words:

Bees, and hummingbirds, and butterflies...

Each a beautiful creature...

All snack on flowers, all need air to breathe.

Beautiful they are indeed.

Eventually, we had bagels for breakfast.

It used to be that the kids would stage their food for my camera.  However, this is Dave's plate.

Jacob and Nate were late joining us for breakfast.  Sometimes, you lose.

I ate breakfast at 5:30, long before anyone else was up.  This was my second breakfast.  Yes, I shared.

Some people wanted to go to the pool.  Most of us didn't.

This was the reason.

We played pool instead.  All day long.

Julia was very proud to win the first game.

Nate joined us for some Calvin Ball.

We had the best time.

Of all the rackers we have in this family, Julia is my favorite.  Every single time, she arranges them by color.

Late in the afternoon, Melanie took a break from the puzzle and joined us.  Julia asked Melanie if she would go swimming with her.

This took me totally and completely by surprise, but in no time we were at the pool.

We had the pool to ourselves.

There was plenty of room for the alligator.

Nate resisted the pool, but he had a great time.

Actually, we all had a great time.

I hope the frisbee had fun.

I have it on good authority that Carolyn found the experience very relaxing.

I have a feeling that the heat wave will no longer interfere with our adventures.

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