Saturday, July 17, 2021

Dewey is Light Squirrels

Julia worked on her cannonball skills this morning.

Dave and I talked about playing songs vs playing music.  This was one of the most fun conversations I've ever had.

Carolyn and Julia played catch.  Occasionally Julia's throws went a little haywire.

Exhibit A.

Dave caught it on the first try, which actually foreshadowed the rest of his day.

I thought lunch was pretty good.  I based it around Dave's leftover salsa from earlier in the week.  Jacob did not think it was hot enough.

Carolyn prepared lunch for Melanie, then lickety-split Dave and the kids were in the car with her to deliver it.  They played penny golf in the SWKT until their legs turned to Jello from going down the stairs.

Upon their return, Nate, Jacob and I played a game of Extreme Calvin Ball. I was light swirls, Nate was solids and Jacob was stripes, his least favorite.

This was no one's best game, and then Nate scratched on the 8 ball.

Jacob and I followed that game with perhaps the worst game of ECB ever.  For example, Jacob accidentally hit in three of my light squirrels and I STILL LOST.

Dave casually accepted our invitation to play.  He hit six balls in on his first turn, winning on his second turn.  Yes, Jacob is groaning and yes, Dave's smile was very real.

Dave's lucky streak held.  He won the first game of Train.

Nate carefully pondered each move.

Julia was very excited to win a game.

Dave, still on a winner's streak, won again.

Carolyn won twice, and then it was time for dinner.  Some people went out.  The rest of us foraged.

For the record, Jacob thinks dinners around here are the best.

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