Sunday, July 18, 2021

Family Day

I usually skype with Steve on Sunday mornings.  Dave took over.

I made bagels and listened.

Papa joined the chat.  I don't think the twin shirts today were planned.

Sammie and Bradley showed up in time for church.  Papa performed an emergency hair repair before we left.

Right after church, I was banished to the basement while other people prepared lunch.

We played Extreme Calvin Ball.

I had the best time.

There is a name for a meal creatively designed on a wooden board.  This was that meal.  It was delicious.  Carolyn rummaged through my kitchen stuff to find what she needed.

I was delighted to see this little fork in use.  I bought it when David was a baby.

At one point in time my plate looked like this.  The cheese in the  middle reminded me of the texture of Limburger, but it did not have the same smell, by any means.  I am not an adventurous eater, but I was raised on Limburger, and I reminisced a little about my dad.  That opened the door for me to tell my, "It tastes like mallard, without the BBs" story.  Sammie loved it.

Banished again, I took Sammie downstairs to introduce him to Extreme Calvin Ball.  First, he loved it.  Second, he shook up the rules a little, which did not sit will with Nate and I had to do some de-escalation. 

Third, Sammie watched me shoot and offered a big suggestion about my aim which really helped.  I won this game we were playing, and the next when Sammie scratched on the 8-ball.  We had a blast.

In the meantime, my camera vanished upstairs.  Jacob was attempting to feed the hummingbirds with a hand feeder.  One bird, in the upper left, was not at all interested in the juice, but he was very interested in Jacob.

I was surprised at the interest in this shotgun.  Ben's father bought it -- it's almost a century old.  Will had worked on a repair but wasn't making progress.  He gave it to Sammie who thinks he can get it in working condition.  Others in the family wanted to see it.  Sammie is talking to Nate about the rules for handling a gun.  The gun is currently locked in my gun safe.

While I worked on dinner, my groupies joined me in watching Star Trek.  We all wear headphones so other people can be in the room.

Nate has shown an interest in Deep Space Nine, but in going through my list of favorites, he saw the one about Geordi and Ro disappearing, so we watched that.  I love watching Star Trek with grandkids.  Maybe we can do more of this.

I haven't been very good lately about taking pictures of dinners.  This particular meal is why I grow basil.  After dinner I was delighted to see kids playing Run Yourself Ragged.

Annika brought dessert -- very delicious.

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