Wednesday, July 7, 2021

French Dip and Other Delicacies

We had another birthday party for Melanie.

This time more of her family were here.  French dip was not yet on the table, but it got there and honestly, it was fabulous.

Papa has a new game.  It's a taste test between two of his favorite ice creams.  I can't say anymore than that, because future visitors will need to participate in this ritual.

Dave and Carolyn did not get the same results, which makes this all the more fun.

I tended Richie and Jonathan today.  Jonathan loves my train set. I can listen to, "Toot! Toot! All aboard!" all day long.

Richie likes the house, which has been a popular toy since about 1983.  This was a hand-me-down from a neighbor, believe it or not.

Now that the grandkids will play pool with me, pictures get scarce.  I did take pictures of all my pool buddies today.  Nate is so great--I'm glad he's finally here.

Bradley is a quick study, but also, Nate is a good teacher.  Maybe the best.

Matt and I play pool all the time.  I do not tire of this one bit.

Jacob was here for a week, then he's been gone for a week, and now he's back. Jacob and Matt are good about giving me positive reinforcement.  Jacob, btw, is wearing his lucky hat.  Sometimes, when the situation is dire, he turns the hat around.

I love playing with Julia.  She misses balls a lot, which we all do, but in the end she wins.  It's crazy fun.

This was dinner.

Papa sent Jacob and Mel out for cherries and apricots.

What my camera did not capture is a table full of people coaching Jacob on how to open an apricot.

At some point I realized Jonathan had not eaten dinner.  I coaxed him to the table by assuring him he didn't need to leave the trains behind.

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