Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Best Lunch Ever

Julia and I went to the pool a little early this morning.  We were meeting friends, and she placed some of my new pool toys in the water for them.

Fun kids, fun toys.  We had a great morning.

Dave took his guitar but visited instead.

Julia provided a splash fix for my camera.

Nate tried his "walk on water" trick again.  It works for about one second, is all.

I am still gathering opinions on my new pool cues.  The jury is not unanimous, and I can win or lose just as well with either one.

Nate and Julia watched Star Trek while I worked on my book shelf project from yesterday.

I had the best time.  I have some favorite shows, and this was three of them.  Nate asked a lot of questions and I knew all the answers.  For example, the Borg don't create technology -- they assimilate it.  He was mighty impressed.

Mel and Matt retested my cues.  I am guessing by the line of balls that neither cue was working for anyone.

Matt ended up joining us.

Dave made lunch for us today.  I was called up to help grill the meat.  Ben had told me some lilies were blooming in the back so I leaned over the railing to see.  Yes, he was right.  Lots of blooms.  I will need to check these out during a future golden hour.

He grilled tomatillos, onions and jalapenos for the salsa.  Trust me, it was divine.

Ben was the sous-chef.

This was three pounds of marinated flank stake, medium rare.  Not one bite was left.

We are having a great time this week.

We decided over this most excellent lunch to go to a museum and then get ice cream.

I suggested this museum because it's easy to make a short visit and then we'd get ice cream sooner.  My brilliant ideas are one of the reasons these people keep me around.

Have you ever seen hair gypsum?  Fun fact -- in truth, those words came out of Matt's mouth--he knows someone who has touched this before.  It feels like cotton.

Nate of course is old enough that he can read all the captions.

I can read, but I didn't want to bend over and take off my glasses to read this sign, so Matt read it it to me.  This creature was cold-blooded.  He turned his sail to the sun to warm himself.  We were both impressed.

There were many new things to see today.

A new exhibit is this helicoprion.

Sometimes I don't believe what fossil people say they have found.  This is one of those times.

Mel always likes this museum.

This trilobite was particularly creepy.

Julia and I found a place to rest my feet while we discussed which kind of ice cream we were going to have.

She told me that most of the popular dinosaur names began with the letter "T."  I believed her until Jacob told me that Pteranodon, my favorite dinosaur, starts with the letter P.

We rescued Dave and then went up the hill to the Heritage Creamery.

I love this place.

Our weather has cooled down quite a bit.

Papa had marionberry.  After we named all the church leaders we could think of who had Marion in their names, Ben explained that the name of the ice cream came from a berry.

Melanie needed to go to the NEB, which is the New Engineering Building.  While she retrieved her backpack from Papa's car, Nate said it would be the most wonderful thing if he could go inside the building.  I asked Mel if that might be possible and she said that was a great idea.  Melanie showed them her 11-foot rocket, but she's missing a coupler so she can't put it together.

She also showed them some past high power team rockets.  Nate was thrilled, which is pretty much the going word for our week so far.

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