Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Working With Two Engineers

The haze we've endured from western fires was gone this morning.

The sky and these hollyhocks made our planned outing even more beautiful.

I've known this man for almost 50 years, and he completely surprised me today.  He picked a hollyhock and asked the kids if they knew what they could do with it.  My grandmothers used to make little dolls from these flowers.  Was Ben going to tell them that?  No, he said the pioneers had a special use for this flower.  He pulled off the petals and held the white center.

Then he popped it in his mouth, chewed it up and swallowed it.

These were my walking companions.  They all knew the way -- I just had to keep up.  It's been a long time since we've done this.

The creepy bridge is still creepy.

We met up with the rest of our group.

I'm glad Bradley could join us on this outing.

Several people ordered frozen hot chocolate.  Their reviews were good.

I love seeing these two together.

Bradley enjoyed his breakfast.

I sat next to the fun table.

Most of us walked home.

The morning was beautiful.

Three years ago Dave crossed the river (from above) and rearranged the letters on the other side to spell the name of his favorite band.  It was funny to see it untouched after all this time.

We love this walk.  Extra points if you can find Matt in this picture.

A trip to the pool was next on our list.

Somehow Melanie is always in charge of the frisbee.

The kids found creative ways to catch it.

Of course this was fun to watch.

You are actually seeing a new frisbee.

Same as the old one, just not falling apart.

I could smell rain and we discussed how wonderful that smell is.  Dave and Carolyn taught me a new word:  Petrichor, which is the smell of rain in a desert.  We chose to stay until we heard thunder.

I brought pizza home for lunch.

I am not a pizza fan.  I chose leftover butter chicken.  As I cropped this picture, I was certain I could smell it.  Then I realized Ben was eating the last serving for his dinner.

A lot of things happened this afternoon.  First, I made a firm decision to move two bookshelves out of the way of the pool players.  This was a big job. Two engineers offered to help.  We got the job done anyway.

Second, I made cookies for dinner.

Nate had 7 before his mom told him they were going out for dinner.

Who knew Bradley was a dunker?

The two engineers needed some muscle in moving the shelves.  They informed me that Jacob is stronger than either of them.  I'm sure it's the nourishing food he's been eating around here.

Julia and I ran down to feed the koi.  Gosh, we were not expecting this!

I hope Julia goes with me tomorrow.

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