Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia

A change in our early routine this morning involved Dora the Explorer.  Adele and Lewis think DS9 might be a little too scary.  I sang the map song with them.

Camille and I worked side by side.  She made her famous granola bars.

This turned out extremely well.

Her siblings knew what to expect and asked for more.

After learning that Lewis does not like cookies with nuts, I chose to make cookies without walnuts.  Lewis was delighted.

Kyle arrived in the kitchen with a t-shirt from the Kyle Fire Department.  This was hilarious to me.  We visited the Kyle Fire Department during a family reunion in Texas eleven years ago. My memory is that the firemen were very pleased to meet Kyle.  They gave him a variety of items with the name of the fire department.  The t-shirt now fits Kyle and we've laughed about this all day.

I found a photograph.

I also found this. I offered it to Adele for coloring, but Papa declared the coloring book an heirloom.

In no time, Kyle, Camille and I were playing Extreme Calvin Ball.  Camille soon became known as "Camille, the sniper."

Camille and Kyle came up with a better way to rack balls.

On our last game, Camille felt as though her balls were jinxed because they wouldn't go in the pockets.  I, on the other hand, seemed to have no trouble hitting her balls in.  This game was close, but Kyle ultimately hit in that 8-ball.

Many events can be crammed into a morning when the starting hour is 5.  Kyle demonstrated perfect form as he performed a cannonball.

Camille and Lewis jumped together.

This perfect handstand is by Camille.

Adele told her dad that she couldn't swim well underwater because she needed one hand to hold her nose.  He gave her several challenges.  She successfully worked on each one while Steve coached.

Within about 15 minutes, Adele was swimming across the width of the pool with her face in the water.  I was impressed!

We met at K's Kitchen at noon.

I was invited to sit at the fun table, also known as the quiet section.

Matt and Steve accepted the curry challenge.

There had been some concern at my table about the menu.  While I think these children are adventurous eaters, they were not happy at the prospect of potential slimy eggs.  Or possible scallions.  The proprietor and I helped them order food they enjoyed, such as these potato appetizers, which were a big hit.

William, from the other table, shared some gyoza with Lewis.  One was enough, as it turned out.  When Lewis's meal came, he ate every bite.

So did Camille.

Notice:  Not a bite of food is left in Adele's bowl.

Meanwhile, Matt was ready to tackle his challenge.

There are many secrets to successfully meeting the challenge.  One is not eating the food while it's burning your mouth.  The proprietor warned them not to drink too much water, as well.

Sadly, they did not finish in the required 15 minutes.  They were both disappointed.  But it was great fun, and the entire restaurant applauded for them.

After lunch, four of us walked to the Asian store just a few blocks away.  Melanie and I both have a weakness for Japanese dishes, and now Adele and Camille do, too.

Back at the ranch, we found Kyle, Steve and Matt playing Magic.

Melanie went straight to the piano.

Lewis and I worked on a puzzle.  He's great.  I need to do more of this tomorrow.

Our family knows about the warning to never get involved in a land war in Asia.  Or to never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

But did Steve heed my warning to never play Blink with Melanie?


Maybe this wasn't the best day for Steve.

He did win the next game, and they were happy to call it even.

Even with so much going in the house, Camille found time to finish her art project from yesterday.

I am impressed!

Meanwhile, Kyle and Melanie worked on applied math.  Matt joined them long enough to realize he didn't want to be in the room.

That worked for Camille and me.  We taught him how to play Extreme Calvin Ball.

Adele and her menagerie cheered us on.

It turns out that Matt does not like nuts in cookies.  How did I not know this?  Matt and Lewis bonded over decadent dark chocolate chip cookies and milk.

To top off our day, Jeff showed up.  Melanie was thrilled to be able to spend time this summer with her dad and all his siblings. We are having a great evening.

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