Sunday, August 1, 2021

You're not Lewis, I am!

Star Trek was playing so early that my camera couldn't capture all the groupies in the room.

Lewis, Adele and Kyle have become pretty devoted.

I had help making chocolate cupcakes this morning.  Camille demonstrated her prowess in cracking an egg with one hand.  She picked out the shell and washed her hands afterward, and yes, we laughed quite a bit.

Adele creamed the butter and sugar.  We had a blissful time.

There was time for pool this morning.

Kyle now shoots the cue ball past the racked balls and hits them from the other side.  It's pretty cool.

Adele is working on her movie star look.

Kyle usually beats me, but not always.  He's great fun to play with.

After church and lunch, Matt showed up.  Kyle and Matt knew exactly what to do.

I often catch Adele asking Papa questions about the tank.  She knows the names of all the fish, both their common names and the names Papa has given them.

Mel, William and Annika arrived just as dinner was ready.  Today is Will and Annika's first anniversary.  For the record, that picture was taken more than two hours ago, and the older group is still at the table laughing.

I sat with the younger group.  We talked about Percy Jackson and bake sales.  I noticed Lewis had not tasted his butter chicken.  After watching his sisters have seconds and then thirds, he finally agreed to take a small bite.

He thought about it.

I pride myself in my butter chicken, so inside I was dying.

This took an incredible amount of time.

The verdict finally came in.  He threw back his head and said, "I love it!"  This made my day.

I have to say, this group was very noisy, and my table kept laughing at some of things they said.

I was pleased to see Kyle having seconds.  He was the taste tester a decade ago when I successfully figured out how to make my own tandoori paste.

Of course, we did not forget dessert.

Adele reminded me that it was Camille's turn to feed the fish and we took care of that.  I'm impressed that the girls have no issue with gently tapping the brine cube in order to evenly distribute the morsels to the hungry fish.

It's not possible to show this on a blog, but Rose is indeed moving up the rock wall to get better light.  The girls and I are anxious to see her tomorrow.

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