Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blast From The Past: Cousins, Uncles and Aunts!

My conference project for the last several years
has been to scan in old photos.
Does this count as old?
This definitely counts as old.
Was Mike in love, or what!
Actually, he still is.
Mike and his family used to faithfully visit us in Texas
for Thanksgiving so they could buy Star Wars toys at our
Toys R Us for Christmas.
This is what happens in 25 years.
I took this at Dad's 85th birthday party.
Matt can buy his own toys now.
I believe this photo was taken in 1978 in Yakima.
I love to see pictures with Mom in them.
Usually she was behind the camera.
I don't want to say Mom had favorite grandkids,
but I will say she loved these children an awful lot.
Grandpa Cannon wearing plaid polyester slacks?
I am speechless!
I scanned in lots of photos of Collins' family.
He is laughing and having fun with the kids in most of them.
Does everyone know this is the brother
who taught me how to play chess and Memory?
And his sons grew up to be great dads, too.
Susan's family was not left out.
Isn't this a darling picture?
Susan wrote on the back that by the time they got all
of Sharon's toys in the bed, there was barely room for her.
I have an uncontrollable urge to giggle.
Jill, the convict, it seems.
This is Mary's family in 1983 in Missouri.
Those years provided great pictures,
but not great memories for Mary.
She actually still lives there.
She is just dreaming she lives on a beach in Texas.
No one pinch her, ok?
Chris was walking at 10 months, and no Cheerio in sight was safe.
Don't these darling children wash up nice?
I love this photo.
Collins, Susan and Perry went with HL, Mary and baby David
to the Los Angeles Temple.
In defense of my absence, I delivered a baby 2 months later in NJ.
Douglas, who flipped his truck.
This was a wake-up call for me.
This photo was taken in 1975, or so the date said.
I recognized Douglas on the left.
But how could Tommy/Steve be in this picture?
No Way!
Look closely.
That's David on the right.
Yes, it is...
Does everyone know what is happening in this picture?
This is an early blog moment.
Mike is showing slides in his living room.
Becky, Tom, Grandpa and Joani are spellbound.
I'm sure Gayla is playing with Douglas, and not trying to strangle him.
I found a few photos of Judith's family.
I couldn't believe it when I found this photo.
It was an old Polaroid. I used to own one.
Ben and I spent Christmas of 1972 in Austin with his sister.
This was before we were married.
Is Ben a handsome hunk, or what!!
He's with Michele, Stephen, who we deeply miss, and John.
This is my Grandma Mary.
She looks kind of serious here. Don't let the picture fool you.
The woman I remember was happy, funny and loving.I scanned this from an original taken during the War.
Baby Phil had more professional photos taken of himself
than the rest of us combined.
Or so the little sister in me believes.
Another photo of baby Philip during the War.
Mom lived with Grandma Mary,
and this photo was taken on her front lawn.
Me, my siblings, Erik, and Dad, just six months before he died.
Savannah was the first great-grandchild.
Mike was proud. Dad was prouder.
This is getting to be old hat for Tom.
The grandkids were pretty good about making the drive to
visit Grandpa.
I have no memory of his beard!
I scanned this in during Elder Ballard's talk.
Kay has always been a wonderful role model for me.
Aunt Marilyn made a copy of this photo for me.
Her father, my grandfather Thomas W. Innes,
served a mission in Ireland in the early 1900s.
He is on the far left.
Do all of you know Marilyn suffered a stroke recently
and is about to see her parents again, soon?
Aren't we grateful for Easter!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Benjamin Freeman Bird

I have spent 17 months researching the life and genealogy of my ancestor Benjamin Freeman Bird. He was born during the Revolution and began his trek across the plains at age 72. His heritage goes back to the Puritans in Massachusetts and even one Dutch ancestor in New Amsterdam, before Manhattan was New York. If you are related to Beth Innes Cannon, he is your ancestor, too. I loved doing this research, but I'm also very, very happy this is finished. Ben just uploaded it. The link is here. Take a look!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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