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A Groundhog's Day Birthday

I've been scanning old slides
which Mike gave to Tom.
This is the earliest one I found --
he's still a teenager in Idaho Falls, about 1960.
He and Collins mowed lawns to buy the bike,
which they shared.
In 1964
Mike was called to serve a mission in Germany.
On this slide he wrote,
"One minute to Dusseldorf."
Mike loved his mission.
He loved Germany.
Please notice the hat.
Some of these pictures need an explanation,
but I don't have any.
Clearly this photo falls into that category.
And this one...
It appears that Mike didn't have an
ironing board in Augsberg.
But he had a typewriter.
In one of Mike's letters,
he wrote about how much he missed corn on the cob.
He missed brushing his teeth with an American toothbrush.
He said when he returned he'd be the best American ever
and pay his taxes with a smile.
Mike once told me a story about meeting Herr Shultz,
a convert who had served aboard an SS submarine
during the war.
The Allies destroyed the submarine,
but the Americans rescued th…