Friday, August 3, 2018

The Lure of the Stereoscope Slides

Jeff is here for a quick visit.  I got out Uncle Reid's stereoscope slides.  After only the second slide Jeff said, "Wow, this is incredible."
At slide #5, he asked me if I would take these to Dallas so his kids could see them.  I said no, they are too precious.  After an hour, it was time for ice cream.
I have been able to digitize the photos, but in 2-D, this picture is "eh."  The magic of stereoscope slides is that with the viewer, we see them in 3-D,and Aunt Joan comes alive.  This is everyone's favorite slide, and it always elicits a gasp and a big "WOW!"  I'll show you when you come visit.

All Aboard!

My favorite train engineer made an appearance today.  He cheerfully let his brother join him in playing with the train set.  Honestly, liste...