Friday, August 3, 2018

The Lure of the Stereoscope Slides

Jeff is here for a quick visit.  I got out Uncle Reid's stereoscope slides.  After only the second slide Jeff said, "Wow, this is incredible."
At slide #5, he asked me if I would take these to Dallas so his kids could see them.  I said no, they are too precious.  After an hour, it was time for ice cream.
I have been able to digitize the photos, but in 2-D, this picture is "eh."  The magic of stereoscope slides is that with the viewer, we see them in 3-D,and Aunt Joan comes alive.  This is everyone's favorite slide, and it always elicits a gasp and a big "WOW!"  I'll show you when you come visit.

Dewey, That's Not the Cue Ball.

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