Friday, September 4, 2009

Cat's Away

Ben went to Dallas for the weekend.
Something there he wanted to do. . .
I stayed home and played.
I cooked hamburgers for Caleb and his grandparents.
Now that the painters are finished, I am doing some sewing.
I used some of my African fabric to make a window seat.
You are thinking, "It looks like that pattern is painted on."
You are correct.
Doesn't matter, though, because this is where I keep my music.
I made a pillow two weeks ago.
New furniture is coming soon.
This is what my entry hall looked like
before we went to New York.
Perhaps now you can understand my concerns.
The painters stocked my fridge with Monster drinks.
That explains a lot, actually.
Seth and Tyler were fun to work with.
This is what my entry hall looks like now.
The going word is, "Ethereal."
Ethereal via Monster, is what I'm sayin'.
Subtlety is the key.
Um, I think I like it.The tower was previously white.
This is definitely an improvement.John, home from Iraq, was happy when it was finished;
mostly he was happy that I was done freaking out.
The walls of my piano room are coated with Venetian plaster.
It looks like suede.
If you are thinking, "I wish she'd taken a better picture,"
well, then I'm in trouble.


  1. I think is looks cool. I love the colors. I need to come see the whole thing to get a real feel for it. Thanks for coming up dinner sunday...always fun to see you.

  2. Yes, "ethereal"! And "impressionistic."


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