Thursday, November 11, 2010

Photos of a MGR Installation

Ben and his associates installed two merry-go-rounds this week.
I received these pictures in the night and decided to share.
The merry-go-rounds generate electricity.
The kids love them.
Ben has worked for 5 years to develop the technology
so these are fun -- not work.
If you can imagine, the students have never seen a MGR before.
I never saw playground equipment at all while we were there,
although I was told a few well-off schools had some.
Ben has teamed up with an American playground company,
Playworld Systems,
who built these latest merry-go-rounds.
Their motto is: The world needs play.
Isn't that great?
The villagers have a huge celebration
when a merry-go-round is installed.
Lots of poetry, speeches and dancing.
While I was in Ghana during our mission,
little kids would often rub my skin.
It was clear they were trying to rub the white off.
I couldn't believe it at first, but it happened so often that
I became sure that's what was happening.
When my nephew Chris Owen first went to Ghana last spring,
he brought home pictures of dancers with this white paint.
And then I suddenly understood a little better.The electricity from the merry-go-rounds
charges these lanterns designed for Ben by Energizer.
They will hold a charge for a month.
It's dark at 6 every night in Ghana,
but now the students have light for homework.
Test scores are rising.
Kids are reading.
All I can say is, what a retirement for Ben!
(Thanks, Chris -- for these photos!)


  1. What a wonderful retirement project!! I love the photos! You can see the JOY on the faces of those kids! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. It almost makes me want to go over there. Almost.

  3. Those are great pictures Chris is taking.


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