Sunday, April 3, 2011

Three Decades of Photos

I had such fun this afternoon scanning in photos.
I used to have 3 darling boys.
Now their kids are darling.
I scanned in several photos taken on that particular morning.
I am sure we were trying to get a good shot.
I think we gave up.
This is baby Cori's first birthday.
We still own the stacking Jack.
I loved seeing this photo --
it brought back wonderful memories of our years in NJ.
Tommy and Cori were two adorable little tykes.
This was a fun picture to find.
I remember taking this photo --
there were also several versions of it.
We lived in Clear Lake for a long time and had a lot of fun.
This photo was taken in our backyard.
There were uncountable photos of the kids and ducks,
which were a constant source of amusement.
Just for the record, baby ducks can go back to their
mommies without any problem.
This was Ben's 41st birthday.
Are you seeing the goose wallpaper, the goose cross stitch,
and the stuffed goose on the back wall of the kitchen?
Trends, I have seen them all...
And I swear, I will never hang wallpaper again.
I couldn't resist posting this.
This picture of Steve was taken in Tokyo.
Ueno Zoo -- we had a blast.
Sam had learned in Italy how to make the pigeons
fly on command. Oh, so much fun!
It is hard for be to believe that we moved back
to the USA from Tokyo 11 years ago.


  1. What a wonderful family you raised! Love, Ben

  2. Love those pictures and the Goose kitchen! Now it's chocolate right?

    Cori had SO much hair when she was one! I'm jealous, my babies don't have hair until they're 3! :)

  3. I love the pictures! Steev and I agree that in the second picture we could just substitute Camille in for Steev and the picture would look the same.

  4. Doess this mean my goose decor needs to go?

  5. Love this family...I agree with Ben!


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