Friday, July 21, 2017

New Experiences

Jacob is faithful about practicing his trumpet.  His scales are excellent.  He's wishing he brought music and I'm not sure what to do about that.

He finished polishing the geodes from earlier in the week.

It's a little random what happens around here.  Once in awhile we find time for a little Star Trek.  I'm setting Jacob up for some DS9 episodes.

Jacob encouraged me to increase my skill set and learn to play pool.  I kept my camera nearby and was happy with this picture.  We had a lot of fun.

Amazon Prime Day was a success for all of us.  Papa Ben's egg cooker arrived and it works better than he expected.

I was pleased when these arrived.  I didn't realize they are heavy ceramic.

Jacob made a new friend and I took them swimming yesterday.

Joseph has a good aim.

Jacob's tramping is paying off in the pool.

More friends wanted to join Jacob and Joseph.  However, their pool behavior is poor and they are not allowed in.

Yesterday Jacob got serious about coaching my pool game.

At the same time, my camera skills in connection with moving balls also increased.

If you can believe it, he also coached me in pin ball.

I accept that no one will be impressed, but it's my all time high score.

Papa Ben took Jacob to a rodeo last night in Spanish Fork.

Ben had orders from me to take at least two pictures.  Jacob had a great time and wants to go back tonight.

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