Pumpkins in the Graveyard

Kyle ate a quick breakfast before leaving with friends for the Hartford Connecticut Temple.

I, on the other hand, was not in a hurry and had plenty of time to savor Steve's pancakes.  I don't know what your recipe is, but I do know it's not as good as Steve's.  No one's is.

After breakfast, we hopped in the car and headed for a tramp place.  To our dismay, Camille was too old to jump for the first 30 minutes.  Fortunately, I know how to make Amazon compensate for a few of life's little disappointments.

In the meantime, Adele and Lewis had a wonderful time.

Adele is quite the jumper.

In no time, Camille joined them.

Cartwheels are more fun on the trampoline than on a living room floor.

After a delicious lunch, some of us got out the beads.

I don't think Steve has ever joined us before.

He's a natural.

Then, it was time for swimming.  On our way, the sun came out for the first time since we arrived.

Sometimes the old tricks are still way fun.

Camille taught Lewis a new trick.

Adele worked on swimming, with Dad's help.

Then, we were off to the home of Janet's parents, Andy and Nancy.  They have traditions around Halloween, but they were out of town, so today was the day.  This worked for me.  First, we all carved Jack o'lantern from pumpkins which Nancy had grown.

I haven't done this for a long time.  Ben dunked his phone inside with the torch app on.

Many of Janet's relatives were there, too many for me to count on my fingers.  We always have a lot of fun in this home.

Camille loves all the traditions. These are ghost potatoes on top of beef stew.  The meat came from steers Andy raised.

For the record, Adele doesn't like too much instruction.

This was delicious!

Our dinner companions were three of our own grandchildren.  Lewis enjoyed the meal and chatted with us the whole time.  A child at another table made some repetitive noises that reminded the adults of a Beach Boys song.  This is where I learned about the Minion's version.  Maybe you had to be there, but it was a pretty funny moment, and Lewis engaged.  Completely and totally, in fact.

I saw brownies, but the girls would not let me sneak one.  I pouted.  No, they said.  I had to wait. This is another tradition.

The brownies happen to be the base of a wintery graveyard.  Camille is labeling the tombstones.

Lewis, well, there are no words.  He was beyond excited.

He knew he had a job to do.  A passing adult (not me!) asked if there were actually pumpkins in graveyards.  Her question was ignored.

Lewis very carefully placed each pumpkin.  However, when he did that, Cool Whip stuck to his fingers.  Every time.

Lewis had a practical solution.

Two grandmas watched and smiled with no interference on either of our parts.

Kyle arrived, just a little late.  He did not want to miss out on any of these traditions!

You are wondering if the day could get any better.  Yes, it could.  I have known Andy for 15 years.  Tonight I learned we share these two Puritans as common ancestors.  Ok, eight generations back was easy to miss.  It was the Collins middle name of Andy's great-grandfather that caught my attention.


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