Sunday, July 28, 2019

You've All Had Good Behavior. Everybody Gets a Cookie.

Anika joined us for breakfast again this morning.

I honestly can't tell you why Ben chose to hide under the bench, but it was pretty cute.

He came out when Will arrived.  Together they harvested basil leaves for the scrambled eggs.

While Corinne made breakfast, Ben gave Anika his prized lizard.  Unfortunately, late this evening Ben remembered that he had done that and wondered if Anika would give it back.

I was actually heading out the door, but everyone else enjoyed a lovely breakfast.

When I returned from church, Ben greeted me with a tower!

Corinne has been fascinated with our birds.  Also, baby quails are popping up here and there, but so far the camera hasn't been able to capture them.

Ben, as in Papa, asked me to take a picture of one of his snails, so I did.  I don't know who is feeding the fish since Lewis left, btw.  This tank has been moved to our bedroom.  It's two feet from our new mattress, which is about 4 inches higher than the old one. (Actually, the box springs are taller.)  When I sit up in the morning, my feet don't touch the floor.  Ben and I are both hoping we can figure out how to safely get in and out of bed before one of us breaks a leg.

We were all invited to my cousin Georgia's home for dinner this evening.  I took an eggplant salad with pickled raisins.  I know what you are thinking, but not one bite was left.  Georgia has a trampoline, which Ben loved.

Georgia also has raspberry bushes.  Ben helped himself.

I  had also taken chocolate chip cookies.  Ben passed out the last few to the people sitting around us and announced that since they'd all had good behavior, they could have a cookie.  Of course, he got a cookie, too.  Cousin Doug and Cousin Rosanne were very kind to Ben.  In the end, we plugged him in.

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