Friday, March 19, 2010

All Good Things Come To An End...

I'm not sure I mentioned that we ate very, very well.
On Tuesday we went to the Kyle Fire Department.
This was a big hit with everyone.
Will realized he's not too far away from getting a drivers license.
The kids loved Aunt Corinne.
Papa Ben spent quality time with the kids.
On Wednesday, we hiked along a dam.
Of course, we know what Grandpa Cannon would have said.
We did have a little fun with a few dam jokes.
A big hit was an Easter egg hunt.
Steve taught Matt how to play Boggle.
Is this a good time to mention I beat Steve in Memory?
But just the one time...
The girls got along famously.
They are carefully building an ant city.
If there had been an award for the best peacemaker,
Matt would have won it.
What a gem.

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