Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happy Day!

Luke was the first kid up this morning.  He told me his favorite toy at my house is this maze.  He played with it for an hour.
When Jane got up, they played with my magnets.  Everyone loves those.
I made bagels from last night's dough.  Some had sesame seeds, the rest were cheese.
I feel a need to report my efforts to make Dave's chocolatey.  He was not up to offer directions, so I did my best to make it on my own.  We all agree that I need further instructions.
We walked to and from our branch.  The Church is a little more true with 45-minute sacrament meeting.  After church, we had lunch.
The kids enjoyed it very much.
We had just enough grapes for everyone to have a few.
And, we had chips.
Most of us ate outside, but Kate was inside with some of the kids.
Dave proudly wore his concert t-shirt from last night.
I sat next to these two adorable children.
I'm happy Jeff's family is here.  Just one more to go.
Carolyn, by the way, made most of lunch and later in the day, she made all of dinner  She's great like that.
We had pulled pork sandwiches.
In the true confessions department, I had to make barbeque sauce in a hurry.  I thought I had a bottle to pour over our pulled pork, but Carolyn spied an expiration date of 2010.  Fortunately, the sauce turned out to be pretty tasty.
I found a new recipe for coleslaw, too.  Packaged cabbage and bottled dressing.  A keeper, for sure.
Dessert included various kinds of ice cream.  These 3 kids ate on the stairs.
When Ben saw them, he insisted that he have his own drumstick rather than share with Mom.
Sometimes moms know best.
Jacob chose Minecraft over ice cream.
After lunch, Calvin and Ramsey showed up.  I thought they were smiling when I took this picture.  Honest.
On the other hand, Felicity was happy in every picture I took of her.  What a fun day we had together!
And what a fun evening, too.  Lots going on.  Lots of happy sounds and happy kids.

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